Amsel & Co

Amsel & Co was founded in 1994, specifically to provide an independent research facility into the use and abuse of trade marks and other intellectual property rights. The coverage of all the major European languages in-house serves to enhance this research capability where investigations extend into the international arena.

Amsel & Co. brings a wealth of experience and expertise to all investigations in the intellectual property arena. The company’s specialist knowledge in researching the use and abuse of trade marks, patents, domain names and design rights has assisted Clients for over 20 years.

The information explosion has enormously widened possibilities for research. This company’s extensive IT facilities and databases ensure it is well placed to meet the challenges posed by investigations into the use and abuse of intellectual property rights.

A discreet negotiating facility is offered to Clients seeking to acquire trade marks, domains and other rights.


The company name Amsel comes from the German for blackbird. The blackbird is characteristically known to probe the ground for worms and to search beneath leaf litter for insects. The blackbird is also fiercely protective of its domain.

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